Thursday, February 21, 2008

All blue-eyed people have a single common ancestor who lived 6 to 10 thousand years ago

All "all blue-eyed people have a single common ancestor" posts have a single common ancestor.

A whole heap of skulls


$sudo if echo "fs = ntfs" then mke2fs -F -q /RONPAUL/dev/hda1 fi

Imminent death of slashdotty electionfilter post predicted. Netcraft confirms it!

Let's take this bitch off the chain

Yow. This is pretty crap.

The Napkin Project

I like to scribble on napkins when I'm out at a restaurant; the other night I was having sushi and arguing about what Wolverine's facial hair looks like and ended up scrawling out a rough likeness of Wolvie with and without mask. And then for some reason we got to talking about Nazis and I drew a little Hilter moustache on him, but it didn't really work well. Also, double.

Historical Message from Dr. Paul

This is a really terrible post.

Stuff White People Like

Man, this is kinda lame. Post apparently not a strong candidate for the list, though without demographics attached to the flags we can only speculatively blame whitey.

Style Wars

Posted before, these Style Wars have. Uh, been.

Barack Obama folded your laundry

Barack Obama has been flagging this post at a pretty stunning pace.

Of Montreal? Never heard of em.

Still pretty lame, yeah. Good morning!

Typewriter Ribbon Tin Collection

In thirty years, this will be the centerpiece of my vintage double post collection.



JetBoy JetGirl

rocket-powered doppelwagen

How Well Do You Know Your World?

The World Geography Quiz is a Vampire

The lesbian Turkish oil wrestling scene finally greases its way into The L Word

If a series is going to jump the shark, that might not be a great reason to make a metafilter post.

Dean Kamen's next project

Dean Kamen's next project: cloning posts.

Also, Angus? For serious?

Really, other than a lightweight teaser from Entertainment Weekly, there's nothing here but wikipedia articles and backlinks to mefi. We probably don't need this. Also, Angus? For serious?

Seen it. Also, deeply goddam disturbing to watch.

Seen it. Also, deeply goddam disturbing to watch.